Shannon Ritter, Social Media Coordinator, Admissions and Recruitment, The Pennsylvania State University, asked me to participate in this panel. (#edu12 #E12_SEM11P or #edusocmedia)

I was in Detroit at the gate on my way to Denver and participated in the panel via Google+ hangout. I also prepared a video for the presentation.

This seminar will focus on common myths related to the use of social and digital media in higher education. Throughout the seminar, we will engage in dialogue with experts in specific areas of technology through the use of video, Skype, Google+, and twitter chats. During the seminar, you’ll be introduced to these experts and their different perspectives, expanding your professional network to include these resources going forward. Additionally, we’ll engage in discussion about your campus myths and work together to create a plan to move forward with the use of social and digital media to achieve your goals and objectives.