Supporting Course Transformation at Scale #edu12

This NGLC-funded project uses a number of technical interventions and approaches to support at-risk student success. The “SUNY Blend” includes a blended program, student commons staffed by concierges, a focus on developing student self-regulated learning skills, and more.

The SUNY Blend project is about student success, persistence and completion in a powerful context – to address the issue of poverty in NYS’s disadvantaged youth population. How do we support persistence, success, and completion in our at-risk community college students so they can get a degree, a higher paying job and exit poverty?

The barriers and issues faced by our at-risk student populations are many. Many struggle with competing life priorities. They work or have children and may be single parents or have multiple jobs. They enter college needing developmental courses.

Their sense of self-efficacy in their ability to succeed is low. The costs of books are a financial burden. Many first generation college students may not know how to avail themselves of the support that is available. They may feel isolated and loose their sense of community for support in a college campus setting, which would be magnified in an online learning environment. This presentation will provide an overview of this project and share approaches and resources developed that can be adopted/adapted to support Blended Online Student Success.

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Sharing with Friends: resources and interventions you can use to support student success

  1. SUNY/SLN NGLC Project wiki:
  2. SLN Online Student Commons:
  3. Student success materials:

Additional resources:

  7. SNAPP:
  8. Get Snapp:

Educause 2012  Conference, Denver, Colorado, November 6-9, 2012


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